Robert Larin

Robert Larin


Intricate, unusual, and always striking, the jewelry of Robert Larin is as intriguing as the mysterious circumstances of his life and work.

Today, there are relatively few known facts about the Canadian designer who produced some of the most exceptional examples of modernist jewelry. Based in Montreal, QC, Larin began designing jewelry in his mid-20s. His designs were in production between the years 1968 and 1977, and the substantive creative output during this short time is truly remarkable.  

Larin pushed boundaries; aesthetically, technically and socially. In his factory on rue Papineau, he employed approximately 25 workers, most of whom were hearing-impaired. All workers communicated with sign-language against the noisy backdrop of the factory floor.

To achieve the highest level of detail, Larin’s pieces are cast using the “lost wax process”. Subverting tradition, Larin applied this process, which was usually reserved for fine metals, to his bold creations using pewter. The product is then hand-filed, either plated in silver or gold, and, finally, polished. Larin also expertly used oxidization as artistic overlay which casts a dramatic relief.

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