Jorma Laine

Jorma Laine

Finland (1930-2002)

J. Laine’s designs often make the viewer smile, think or marvel.

Beginning in the 1960s, Jorma Laine established himself as one of Finland’s most talented jewelry designers. Laine worked extensively with the regarded manufacturing firms of Kultateollisuus  Ky and later Turun Hopea in the 1970s. While he worked in silver, gold and bronze, Laine is best known for his bronze creations, which reflect an exciting new creative impulse, spurred by the relative inexpensiveness of this material.

Executed with true craftsmanship and a skilled sense of playfulness, his pieces are often little worlds unto themselves. Travellers on a Viking ship, a smile inducing “Mörökölli” (or “grouch”), or simply intricate abstractions, Laine’s designs are at once cerebral and appeal to the highest standards of design.

His gold-gilded bronze pieces, an unusual technique for Europe at the time but much more common in the orient, reflect an interest in other cultures.

Combining a forward-thinking modernist impulse, a decidedly “Finnish” nostalgia for the past, and a wry sense of humor, Laine’s individuality and design has stood the test of time.

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