Elis Kauppi

Elis Kauppi

Finland (1921-2004)

A foremost figure in modernist jewelry, Elis Kauppi’s vision of a new jewelry inspired a generation of makers and launched Finland onto the international jewelry design scene.

In 1945, at age 24, Kauppi founded his renowned jewelry workshop, Kupittaan Kulta, in Turku, Finland. Part of a younger generation of makers which would forever change the face of jewelry design, Kauppi was driven to innovate by both the difficult circumstances of war and a desire to push past accepted standards of jewelry design at the time.

He was one of the first to use local stones such as granite and spectrolite, which were elevated in status and incorporated into unique designs in fresh and innovative way. The exciting results attracted international attention. Kauppi, representing Finland, began exhibiting internationally, and winning prestigious prizes. Demand for Finnish jewelry worldwide increased dramatically.

Attention to simplicity and form was the order of the day. A true modernist, Kauppi’s designs emphasize abstraction, rejecting the popular forties naturalistic flower and leaf designs. With strong focus on craftsmanship and integrity of design, his bold creations remain strikingly relevant today.  

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