Bjorn Weckstrom

Bjorn Weckstrom

Finland (1935-)

Revered as possibly the most outstanding artist in gold and silver of the period, Björn Weckström creates engaging pieces of true craftsmanship.

Born in Helsinki, Weckström initially wanted to train as a sculptor, but pressures from war-time and family members turned him towards the family business as a goldsmith. After graduating from goldsmith’s school in 1956, he opened his own gallery and worked as a freelance artist. True success came to him when in 1963 he opened his now world-renowned workshop, Lapponia Jewelry Oy.  

Functioning as both a workshop and gallery, Lapponia sold both Weckström’s own work and that of a select group of artists such as Pentti Sarpaneva.

In short order, Lapponia became the ultimate international success tale within the arts, winning prestigious competitions, and exhibiting worldwide. Weckström has struck the perfect balance between innovation, craftsmanship, and industrial manufacture.

Demand for his exceptional jewelry, which has endured for the past 40 years, cannot be overstated. Björn Weckström’s work explores themes of flight, motion and fantasy. His play with volumes and textures yields dramatic, unforgettable results. Simply put, Weckström’s pieces are tiny, sculptural works of art. 

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